Monday, February 1, 2010

Shady Lady

Over the weekend a couple of my friends and I checked out a local spot at R and 14th street called the Shady Lady. Very cool place, with an interesting drink menu. This speakeasy style bar actually sells Absinthe, three kinds even. Now as cheesy as I am, you don't think I could pass up an opportunity to try the choice drink of van Gogh, do you? Of course not, I had to kiss the green fairy! Definitely a sipping spirit. Not something you want to throw back. It's the flavor of anise (yumm), and served with water and sugar (makes the alcohol cloudy and more of a neon green. It's an acquired taste for sure, but I won't dismiss it as all together bad. It's one of those spirits you have to know exactly how to mix in order to get the right flavor, so I'm going to buy my own bottle and see if i can improve my mix master abilities with Absinthe.
I also began my first attempt at multi tasking at the easel this weekend. I usually obsess over one painting at a time, but I think this can be helped (obsessing), and enhanced (my work) by having my mind on the progress of a few, or at least a couple, projects at once. We shall see. This week begins the start of the new schedule I've cut out for myself. The schedules in the past have been either unrealistic or impossible. Maybe this is the one that will bring me into harmonious, creative balance?

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JEN ZONE said...

Festive is everyday for you. Love this share.