Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Okay, how bad does a weekend have to be before you're glad it's Monday? It was one of those freakish weekends that just would not come together. I couldn't make my show, even though I found my riding crop and fishnet stockings (ooo, la, la), so right there you know that sets the tone. Then I get a sinus infection (cause if I wasn't bummed about the show, here's a little puffy face to go with my valentines day, hahaha). To wrap it all up my youngest has the worst weekend since forever (sigh)! So, it's time to shake the funk from this weekend off, damnit! This is a new week, with new, amazing things awaiting me around every corner. I have art projects to complete, a few cool, artsy chicks to hang with this week, and some serious hanging out and catching up to do this weekend! Let the good stuff roll in!

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