Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love is in the Air

This weekend is the weekend of love. What are you doing with your sweet? I'm finishing a small collection of poems for mine (cheese ball, I know), and I'm going to put them in a hand made book .. perhaps an altered book if the hand made doesn't go well (gotta have plan b). We'll probably go out for Indian (saggwala) and catch the new Almodovar flick if it's still playing (hope so, i loooove his films). "Broken Embraces" is his latest. I've been deprived of his last couple flicks. I think this is a great excuse to have a weekend marathon of Pedro's work, don't you?
Tomorrow I'll be busy baking brownies for my youngest daughter's class. I think I'll even make extras for the older girls to share with their friends! Can't leave them out of the fun.

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