Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brownies and Babes

The boys, besides being two of my favorite people in the world, are fast becoming two of my favorite subject matters! They're at the age that says, "help yourself!" to all of their endearing character and energy. I had the chance to do face studies of them both, and this is what i was able to get.
When i wasn't arting around today, I played Betty Crocker in the kitchen and created a couple batches of chewy, chocolate brownies for my daughter's class party tomorrow! She's super excited to share them with her class. Do you remember how proud you were to bring something special your mom made to share with your class? I totally do. I remember my mom making a total spread for the last day of school for my second grade class, and how cool it was to receive all of the ooooooo's and aaaaahhh's from my classmates as they watched the trays and bowls appear. I've loved getting the chance to do that over the years for my own daughters. there aren't too many years left that i'll get to make that happen, so I'm really trying to soak it in while it lasts.

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