Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life Painting

Back in September i gifted myself with a month of creative exploration (a b day present to myself). I had an amazing time , once a week, visiting different life drawing circles around the Sacramento area. The experience left me rejuvenated and in touch with my love for capturing, rendering, and painting the human form. It also left me with a few art circles i will visit again and again. Since the Holidays have ended, i've decided to continue gifting myself with artistic challenges, and so I'm back at it. Tonight I attended a life painting group at the Blue Moon Gallery here in Sacramento! I am absolutely still riding the high i get from this session! It's almost hard to sit still to type. Anyway, if you haven't tried something like this, I highly recommend it. The experience of ala prima is unbeatable, and satisfying in a totally unique way. Not that i don't dig working from photos, or memory, but working from a live model is an artistic opportunity that shouldn't be missed, in fact, it should be experienced regularly by all arting types!
Tomorrow night is going to be even more thrilling. I'm attending a spoken word event with a couple of other artist, and we're going to sketch the poets as they do their thing! I've totally never tried to catch a person in action - i may not even be able to - but what a challenge and a thrill!
I can't wait to post pics from both events. i pick up my camera tomorrow - finally!


Laurelin Gilmore said...

I am jazzed to be doing this with you tonight, babe! It should be quite an experiment/adventure, but arting with you always is! Love the blog...

Ali said...

Yea Cree! I am so excited you are blogging! I totally need to keep up with my blog. I used to be so good, but I haven't blogged since July. I love, love, love seeing your work and am so excited you will be posting regularly. Good for you taking time for yourself and furthering your creativity with all your classes. I miss you and love you lots!