Saturday, September 20, 2008

september child

happy birthday to meeeeee! had an amazing time last night with family. went to my fav. dive for dinner last night, and then came home for cake and wine. dre took the girls out so i could have a few uninterupted hours to myself for art.
so there is a show coming up in december and i have FINALY made a size and content choice. i haven't worked out the title yet, but i have blocked it all in. tonight i'm going to work it in monotone .. if i have anything left, i will start painting tomorrow:)
i've also started the three pieces i'm doing for the charity art show (little treasures) it will benifit the womens wisdome project/sacramento food bank. it will be a triptic figurative work of women sitting/lounging, and one playing a sitar. it's all working out nicely.
i may make an attempt to get into the "pink week" show .. not sure yet. i'm going to sit around and sketch "pink" things and see what i come up with.

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