Monday, August 25, 2008

good times!

wow, i've been on a social bender since thursday! first, let me say that if ever there was a doubt that guerrilla art is my thing, ohmygawd, it soooo is! thursday night my quirky art group (QAG) made a wish tree. well, first we tried to make one at the capital, but we got popped by the cops and had to move on .. we ended up at a city park, and made the most lovely wish trees ever! the whole experience left me thrilled, and rejuvenated, and just SO full of this wild energy! art in action is very powerful! i really can't wait to see how it affects my art. i'm going to start pumping it out so that i'm ready for the show!!!

then friday night the "hookers" got together (this would be the knit and crochet group i belong to). again - had the best time. the hooker that hosted the gathering is a glass artist. no, i should say, a wildly talented, VERY organized, glass artist! her home is beautiful and fun. the girls there are such a great bunch - i just laughed and laughed. didn't knit much, but i did teach a couple of ladies, so i guess that's fine:)

saturday night .. yes, yes, i've been a wild child all weekend! spent the late evening with a couple other sisters. the home we visited is more of a resort really. all we needed was a massage, and this blog would be about the spa package i had saturday night! holy cow - her decor is eastern, all hand done, and regal to say the least. we swam, ate, drank, and made merry!

today, a wonderful, relaxing day with my family, poolside, then a picnic at the park. a really lovely time. great way to end the summer!

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