Wednesday, August 20, 2008

good things are happening

so, in the craze of all that seems to be about, there shines a light of hope in my artsy world! a contemporary that i know and adore is getting things to happen! her name is jcampbel (link to come) and she paints these otherworldly angel's and mermaids. they're amazing, moving, and spiritual ... and she's going to have her art on a WINE LABEL! is this not the most exciting news?

every so often, i am honored to witness or acknowledge that good things happen to good people. this really made my day!


Janet Campbell said...

Hurray! Woo Hoo! You did it! It looks great! Thank you for the mention in your post! that was sweet! (I'm not yelling I exclaiming!) You are a beautiful,talented,fun,funny, supportive and loving person always be yourself! March on & never retreat!

cree said...

you're so sweet jana! how can i not march on when i have you leading??? thanks my swell sister.