Monday, October 20, 2014

Swell Pop Art Review

A Swell Sister Society art show this past second saterday was a delightful, light hearted affair. Everything Pop Art should be. Big, bold statements, with a bright, colorful smile! While the idea intrigued me, I fealt decidedly OLD when faced with the opportunity to show along side my girls. The walls of my creative brain seemed to constrict as I searched for a thread of anything contemporary I wanted to paint. It isn't apathy keeping me from an opportunity, or indifference of the serious issues in America  and aroad, it was, perhaps, for this very reason I couldn't participate. I could't find a way to turn issues important to me into cartoon strips, or soup cans. I am still twice minded about it all. Am I becoming rigid? Have I been spending too much time studying technique, color, compisition and somehow have lost touch with the edge of art. Or, as I stated when bowing out of participating, is Pop Art simply not my thing? How does this translate as an Artist? I have always believed, a painter paints, whatever it is. Something new to inspect. Art will never not make me question. 
In any case, the show was awesome. Five women contributing to the annual showing, with video, paintings, altered art, and even fashion! If you have time to stop in to the 2110 Gallery on Kst, give the works a peep in the loft gallery! Myy Sisters never stop amazing me, and they will amaze you too!      

Friday, May 23, 2014

Life IS a beach

I have sadly neglected this blog. Lately I am juggling projects, and trying to cool my creative jets and stay focused. I recently discovered a site recommended by my artist friend, sister in paint (thicker than water), Janet Campbel. Paint My Photo. The name says it all. Artists, and photographers collide, and anything goes. The only thing they ask is you post your paintings on the site with credit to the photographer (pff, uh, yeah!) seriously, I have a ton of imagery to work from thanks to this site. Check it out if you happen to be home bound like myself. Wonderous little paintings have come from this site, and I am working a couple on a larger scale as well. These are 4x5 inch oil on canvas panel. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Moving On

If you are anything like me, you read the blogs of other artists. Probably many. Let's say many. Of those you are fortunate to find one that speaks clearly and honestly about their internal struggles and mishaps with their work in the day to day of the studio. Everyone seems to have been divinely inspired, then the paint intuitively jumped from brush to canvas, and you type up an ephemeral synopsis about it. Voila! Mastery. There are several tequnique blogs, I love them, and read them. They are wonderful for what they are. Then there are blogs of inspiration. They too are amazing tools. Still, there are so few career artists blogging the marrow of the experience. Even the mundane. I am on the hunt for such an artist. One open to being that vulnerable and real. I want to hear about the mistakes, all of them. The baaaaad ideas. I have learned it  is where the source of genius resides, or perhaps it is the point of origin .. Something like that. I believe so much more can be taught from the mistakes. In the meantime I will continue making my own, and fumbling along. I am in a space of .. I'm not sure what with my own art. There is a next step I am uncertain of. The last few paintings I have been pleased with, and they are what I intended them to be, and now I am THIs. I am feeling the uncomfortable itch of dissatisfaction. Here is where I get grumpy, insecure, and self questioning. I am going to skip some of it this time and go directly to the source .. I just have to find it first. The next place I want to be. The next something. Something to scratch the dissatisfaction I am feeling with my painting. I can't say I like this space I am in. The pangs of ANY growth, frankly, suck. There is the side of my brain attempting to put it in perspective and convince myself it is an "exciting journey I am about to embark." Ha! Not. When it is time to move forward, it is just time. 
Here is a detail of something I am working on now.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Overcast picture days

It is said that the best circumstances for photographing you paintings yourself are outdoors, and overcast days. I have always wanted to test this theory since I am chronically dissatisfied with the snaps of my paintings, save a few. Here is a recently completed painting I managed to photograph with all of the elements cooperating, and damn if it isn't the truth! I am super satisfied with the way the digital image compares to the real thing. Try it for yourself.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Know when to walk away, or a Lucky "Break"

Back at the easel this week, and rethinking a few paintings I was working on. An interruption in the form of a broken right wrist gave me pause long enough to pin point some of my discomfort with two pieces I had been working on. Those breaks (no pun intended) are sometimes wonderful for my art. In the rush of day to day doings, trying to get my time in at the easel and still work, manage home, etc. I can become frustrated when something isn't "working" for me in a painting. Even when using all of the suggestions from artists before me, there are times when I wont "see" what I'm looking for. I think it has do do with the time I afford these things. I want it to fit in my schedule, and there are just times it has to effloresce in order to see the fullness of it. This takes time. I read some of Richard Schmid's first book, "Everything I Know About Painting," unfortunately out of print, and no library in my city carries it. I digress, in this book he describes, in detail, his process from start to finish. Each work can take him up to six months. He totally affords himself whatever time he needs, weather prepping his canvas, or layering glaze and everything in between. It's beautiful, and seldom recognized as being a discipline itself. When I think of discipline and commitment and art I think, "paint every day, finish bodies of work, multi task!" Those things are great I suppose, and if you are an artist, will happen will manifest more as a bi product of the journey. I don't think it is a good way to approach art anymore. It will take as long as it takes. I have come to believe to give a piece of work the time it requires is to mature as an artist, perhaps taking art to a higher plane.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Jess, Duncan, & Friends Show

Oh my, I don't know how four months pass and I haven't blogged. There is really no excuse. Ah, Life! Speaking of, yesterday I checked out the new show at the Crocker Art Museum, and was inspired. I really love Jess's painting and mixed media pieces. They are bold, moving and telling. The whole show embraces and encapsulates the era, the place, and the camaraderie being explored in Bay Area art. The few times I have collaborated, I have been infused with the synergy born from such marriage. Every artist ought experience it. 
Here is a little peak of what you can find there.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Life Drawing as a Way of Life!

I've been hosting some figure drawing circles in my home lately, and I have really been enjoying the way it brings me back to the bones of art - figuratively and literally. I was thinking that I neeed to be painting, I could so use another load of laundry done before the kids go back to school tomorrow, I mean, I may not even ever use these, right? Still, it is an indisputable fact among artists, the practice of drawing from the live figure is well worth the effort of putting a life drawing group together, or chipping in to attend one if available locally. Chatting with the other artists attending the circle I host, all have expressed how staying in practice ALWAYS improves the art they create in other areas. For me, when I go back to my easel tomorrow, my eyes will be in "tune" better with the image I'm rendering from a photo. For another it may be their sense of An object in space, or color, or proportion. All from the practice of seeing, really seeing, and then trying to render what that is.

Happy Arting!